Hello soldiers !

It’s April Fools, so this is all but a joke.
Breadsonzo is a reality! This weekend, you can find special pieces of bread on Dolomiti & Piave.

Your goal is to find 10 different pieces of bread at the end of the event. If you do so, you’ll obtain a special medal and you can call yourself a breadwinner!

How to find the bread

  • Enter a public or custom match on Piave or Dolomiti and collect the bread
  • Each sector has several amounts of spawn points for the bread
  • Spawn points will be randomizer for each map
  • Each sector on Piave will spawn 2 breads in random spots
  • Each sector on Dolomiti will spawn 5 breads in random spots
  • Collect 10 breads total during the length of the event to get a Breadwinner medal
  • Same bread can be collected by more than one player

We hope you’ll enjoy this special event, dedicated to you all, our breaderens 🍞